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Conversion rate optimisation.

Conversion rate optimization is the act of testing elements against each other to see which one performs best.

Another reason you want to hire us VS individual coders, web designers, etc… is that besides the coding, design, website copy, on-page SEO and speed testing that we provide, we also know how to run A/B tests.

Every month we test two variations of a specific section of your client generation funnel against each other.

These are the typical stages of a client generating funnel in the context of a high ticket service offer:

A. Sales / Landing page (whatever explains your offer and entices them to speak with you) 

B. form page
C. calendar booking page
D. Follow up sequence to get them to show up on the call
E. Sales call structure itself

F. Whatever happens after the sales call (example, sending proposal, contract, etc)

So based on the above, we’d pick one of these sections each month, and perform a test to see if we can increase the conversion rates.


1. You get to experience higher conversions and more REVENUE over time.

2. You don’t have to pay large chunks of money to third parties, because we cover this for you


1. You don’t have to hire yet another service provider to deliver this service for you

2. You won’t be confused and stressed because parts or all of your client generating funnel isn’t working as well as you want it to.Conversion rate optimization is a slow but steady, scientific-based approach to increasing your results over time.An exciting growth tool to have in your arsenal