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Increase your authority & conversion rates with PR!

It's not a matter of IF, we guarantee it.

Imagine this...

You're looking to hire an SEO expert and you find two candidates. Their website, pricing, service offering and everything about them is equally good, but one of them has websites like Forbes, USA Today, and Venture Beat saying they are "one of the best SEO experts on the planet".

Won't the publicity be the difference maker in who you choose? Of course it will be.

In the same way, we work to get you and/or your company features on publications that will increase your authority and help more clients pick you.

The main benefits are:

- Your website visitors will see you as a higher authority
- The PR itself will improve the way you and your team feel about your own company.
- The PR can help your SEO by having DO-Follow links on the publications
- Some PR articles can appear in search results on the first page of Google!
- Unlike most PR agencies that charge 5k-10k monthly retainers without promise results, we include the PR in your page and guarantee the results!

What you get:

While we can't promise a specific publication, we do guarantee you will be on publications each and every quarter.

Every quarter we will get your company on one, some, or all of the following:

  1. Business or tech or crypto or news publications
  2. Podcast(s)
  3. News
  4. Magazines

We can get publicity for companies and individuals world-wide.

*Legal notice*

If we believe your company, product or offering is a scam or revolves around things we don't agree with such as alcahol, narcotics, etc ... we hold the right to decline doing business with you.